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In 2010, the U.S. Department of Education designated Georgetown's Asian Studies Program as an East Asia National Resource Center and assigned it the task of providing free educational resources and opportunities related to East Asia for K-12 and community college instructors and students.
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[Teacher's Guide] Late Qing

June 24, 2014This teacher resource guide covers various historical events that occurred in the later years of the Qing Dynasty: The Opium Wars, the Taiping Rebellion, the Sino-Japanese War, the Self-Strengthening Movement and the Hundred Days’ Reform, the Boxer Rebellion, and finally, the collapse of the Qing Dynasty. By Kelly Hammond, PhD Candidate, Department of History, Georgetown University Click... [Continue Reading]

[Announcement] Winner of the 2014 High School Essay Contest

June 13, 20142014 CONTEST WINNER:  ​Eesha Sheth, George School The May Fourth Movement: Repercussions Beyond Culture The School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Program at Georgetown University is pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 High School East Asia Essay Contest. This year’s winner is Eesha Sheth of George School (Newtown, PA). Eesha demonstrated outstanding scholarship as... [Continue Reading]

[Teacher's Guide] Early Qing

June 9, 2014This teacher resource guide provides a historical overview of the Qing Dynasty. Because so many significant changes occurred in China under the Qing, the Qing Dynasty module is broken into two: early Qing and late Qing. In this first section, we cover the period ranging from the Qing Dynasty’s establishment to the Qianlong Emperor’s death. By... [Continue Reading]